Brand Guidelines and Permissions


Last Revised: 10-4-2020

Garanntor’s trademarks, service marks, logos, trade dress, web design, and other brand features (“Brand Characteristics”) are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.

If you are interested in promoting Garanntor on your website, we encourage you to consider membership in our Affiliate Program, where we provide links and banners that you can use to spread the word about Garanntor and to earn money for yourself. Generally, we do not provide our corporate logos for personal use other than through our Affiliate Program, and membership in our Affiliate Program does not allow you to use our Brand Characteristics in any way other than by displaying in an unaltered state the icons, banners, and graphics provided through that program. We do not allow the use of our trademarks in advertising, including in Google AdWords, nor do we allow the use of our trademarks in domain names. If you are granted permission to use the Garanntor Brand Characteristics, please use them in accordance with the following guidelines:

What to do:
  1. When you are using a Garanntor trademark, be sure to include the ® symbol the first time that you use the mark in a document, such as in the title or heading, or when first referenced in your text.
  2. If you are using a Garanntor trademark, be sure to distinguish the trademark from the surrounding text. You may distinguish the mark by capitalizing the first letter, capitalizing or italicizing the entire mark, placing the mark in quotes, or using a different font or type style to highlight the mark.
  3. Use the trademark as an adjective, not as a noun or verb, and not in the plural or possessive form.
What not to do:
  1. If you are using a Garanntor Brand Characteristic, make sure that you don’t alter it in any way. Don’t remove, distort or change any element of a trademark or logo.
  2. Don’t incorporate a Garanntor Brand Characteristic into your own product name, service name, trademark, logo, or company name.
  3. Don’t display a Garanntor Brand Characteristic as the most prominent visual element of your website, product or service.
  4. Don’t display a Garanntor Brand Characteristic in any manner that is misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable as determined by us in our sole discretion.
  5. Don’t use a Garanntor Brand Characteristic in any manner that violates any laws or regulations.
  6. Don’t display a Garanntor Brand Characteristic on any website that contains adult content or that promotes the sale of alcohol or tobacco or gambling to persons under twenty-one years of age.
  7. Don’t display a Garanntor Brand Characteristic in any manner that implies that you are related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by us.
  8. Don’t imitate the look and feel of any of our websites or pages contained in any of our websites, including without limitation, the branding, color combinations, fonts, graphic designs, product icons or other elements associated with us.
  9. Don’t frame or mirror any page of the Garanntor website.
  10. Don’t bid on or otherwise use Garanntor trademarks in Google AdWords or other pay-per-click advertising.
  11. Don’t include Garanntor trademarks in any domain name.