Modernize Your IT to
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Educational institutions are under increasing pressure to deliver distance learning, while at the same time meeting security and compliance requirements. Yet, they’re often locked into the high capital expenditures that come with aging data centers, long-term contracts and legacy applications.
Reduce Costs Through Digital Transformation
Traditional data centers and legacy applications often hold educational organizations back from implementing technology-enabled innovation. They’re also struggling with legacy cultures and contracts and limited access to IT talent. To combat these challenges, they’re turning to the managed cloud. In a managed cloud, organizations can take advantage of automated risk management, security and compliance — so they can build modern online educational services.
Update Legacy Systems
Meeting the demand for access to leading technologies — from facilitators and students — will likely require you to update your current infrastructure to something that can run modern applications, as well as securely store, process and analyze all the data generated by them. We’ll show you how to leverage the capabilities of new technology — and use what you have more effectively — to help you control costs and optimize what you spend while improving your level of service.
Scale Your Services
Your level of success delivering services to the masses — whether in traditional or online classrooms — relies on your ability to efficiently scale your services. Let us show you how to adjust resources according to demand, so you pay only for what you need. We can also help make sure your applications are available to staff and students — wherever they are — using their preferred device.

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Virtual Server

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Virtual Data Center

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VPS Hosting

Integrate your existing business website with our flexible APIs. This makes it easy for you to plug-and-play to sell Domains.


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