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Testing your new app is a vital part of the development process but it can be a hassle to set up servers – and costly too. Better to go virtual and “pay as you go”. Carrying out your testing and development in the cloud saves money because you only pay for what you need.
High Performance
Garanntor help you deploy new applications faster, analyze big data and foster innovation. Our servers, databases, networking and encrypted storage solutions provide superior performance for I/O-intensive applications and big data processing.
High Scalability
Garanntor cloud allows rapid provisioning of compute, storage and network resources, adaptable to your specific business needs. This level of flexibility can significantly reduce the time spent on operations, and enable you to better respond to customer demands.
High Reliability
We know how damaging downtime can be to your business and your bottom line. That’s why we offer an infrastructure environment that provides the reliability you need — and your customers demand — backed 24x7x365 support

Solutions For Enterprises

Virtual Server

Connect with the web’s most trusted web hosting tools, manage all products through 7+ options of third-party billing platforms.

VPS Hosting

Easily integrate our modules into your control panel. Connect and integrate your account with your Hostbill for realtime domain registrations!

Dedicated Server

Integrate your existing business website with our flexible APIs. This makes it easy for you to plug-and-play to sell Domains.

Shared Hosting

25% Commission Rates. You’re guaranteed up to 25% commission on any qualified sale from a new customer whom you’ve referred.

Enterprise Customers

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