How Do I Transfer My Existing Domain to Garanntor?

How to transfer your existing domain to another host
Wondering what is domain transfer process?

The process of transferring your domain from one registrar to another is not difficult.You just have to follow a few steps with the old and new registrar . After carefully choosing the right  hosting company,You will need to follow the steps below before starting the transfer process;

Request for your domain Epp code from your registrar (see how to get an EPP code) and have it handy so that you can provide it to your new registrar. When you want a domain transfer, you will need to get the EPP code. The transfer cannot be initiated without the EPP code.

Unlock the domain name before initiating the transfer. This can be done from the domain panel of your current registrar. If your domain is locked, your transfer will not be successful.

Disable WHOIS domain protection on your domain name before starting the transfer. This can be done from the control panel of your current registrar or you request for it from your current registrar.

Make sure the WHOIS information (email, address, phone no etc) matches your personal information with the registrar you intend transferring to. This can be changed from your current registrar’s domain control panel.

Once all the steps above have been taken and transfer process initiated, your, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a transfer approval request to the email address listed in the WHOIS details of your domain which should be your email address. You must approve the request before the process can continue.

After approval, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a request to your current registrar for the release of your domain name to them. You can contact your current registrar for assistance.

If you do not know your current domain registrar is, you can do a WHOIS search on your domain name to find out.Some hosting companies like garanntor offer free domain transfer

For more information on what is domain transfer process ? See also How do i transfer domain name to Garanntor. 

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