Why You Should Register a Domain Name for Your Business Email

Registering a Domain Name for Your Business Email

Own a business or you are thinking of starting one? One of the things you have to do to help your business is registering a domain name for your business email.Although, one of the first step is registering a domain . There are lots of benefits attached to having a  business email package and this is discussed below;

Free Webmail Services Screams Unprofessional
If your argument is that Gmail and Yahoo provide good free email services you can try to picture this; if you are trying to buy a service or product and two companies are trying to pitch for sales from you, which salesperson would you pick
Greatmoon@gmail.com or sales@business.com
Using free email addresses instead of  business email package detracts the customer from your value you are offering by trying to figure out if you are real or not while your competitors use custom email, this may be the only factor that sends business elsewhere. You may think an email address shouldn’t validate your credibility, but businesses creates impressions on peoples’ minds on some subconscious level but make sure that impression is not marred by a free email address.
You are in control when someone leaves our company
If an employee of yours leaves your company and was using his personal email for the business, you won’t be able to have access to those emails. To be on the safe side however, registering a domain name for your email saves you all that stress and keeps you in control of all email addresses created.
First impressions Count
You are really putting in a lot to make sure you make the right impression with prospective clients when they go to your homepage but the truth is not everyone comes to your website before they get in touch with you via email and when you send mails with branded email, it gives an air of being an established professional and that you take your long term branding seriously
Cohesive Branding
Since your website is essentially operating as your company’s primary point of contact for people online, using branded emails add weight to your brand and builds trust.
The more your branding comes together, the more trust people put in your brand and refer other people You can drive this trust home better by investing in a business email package or branded email

You can create as many emails you need
Even if you are the only one in the company for now, you can send mails from different emails depending on the purpose of the mail. For sales, you can create sales@business.com, for information info@business.com. And when eventually you hire someone for that role, the person simply takes off from where you left off.

After subscribing for the a business email account, you can easily setup on Microsoft outlook

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