Choosing An Operating System For Your VPS

how to choose an operating system for your vps

Now that you have decided to go for a virtual private server, finding how to choose an operating system for VPS is the next important stage. This will form the core of the server configuring your virtual private server, one of the most important decisions you’ll make involves deciding the best OS for VPS as the operating system will form the core of your server, determining which apps you can install. When trying to pick the best OS for VPS, you must be very attentive as the different hosting options can easily confuse even the most tech savvy website owners. Sometimes, plenty of businesses online don’t know what they actually need. As a result, a great number of websites can’t handle the high loads and provide their visitors and owners with poor performance, regular downtime and low functionality. To prevent this, I decided to outline some features and benefits of VPS which is of one of the major hosting solutions.
There are basically two types of OS- Linux operating system and windows operating system.
Linux-based hosting solutions use the Linux open-source software. Due to this fact, website owners can reduce cost since there’s no need of purchasing licenses for downloading and running particular Linux programs and add-ons. For companies looking to make a fast start, but still have budget limitations.

Advantages of Linux VPS Servers
It is important to note that there’s a difference between shared hosting and VPS. In finding how to choose an operating system for VPS,here are some advantages of Linux OS for VPS,
• Flexible and reliable — Linux VPS servers use less resources, which increases website performance and excludes the appearance of possible downtimes Also, users can allot resources between applications if required with the help of a control panel called cPanel.
• Compatible — if you are concerned about making your website pages more user-friendly and improving your server reliability and uptimes, then the Linux platform will be the most preferable choice, as it supports a wide range of coding languages, such as PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL and Ruby on Rails;
• Interaction — all VPS servers are equipped with SSH text-based command systems. This allow users to improve the functionality of their servers and reduce their overloading dramatically. Although, a user must possess particular coding and programming knowledge to implement his operations via an SSH system;
• Development — as the Linux platform is open source, a website owner can change his server configurations, perform update, as well as install various add-ons and applications, basing only on his needs and preferences.

Windows VPS Hosting
If you are popular with PCs, then you probably know Windows OS or windows hosting. Windows VPS servers work under the Windows operating system, which makes them very popular among a lot of website owners. It is important to note that these hosting solutions are more expensive, as the Windows platforms are commercial software, which requires fees for installing and using additional programs and applications.
Advantages of Windows VPS Servers
Using a windows OS for your virtual private server gives you the following advantages;
• Improved control — every user is provided with an option called Remote Desktop access. Using this, a user can control and manage his server anywhere and at any time.
• Website support — Windows-based hosting solutions include such programs as ASP and ASP.NET, which will come in handy, if you want to create complex websites or customize your current website that runs on the Microsoft software;
• Strong security — as a rule, Windows VPS servers are furnished with professional antivirus software and anti-spy program and also reliable firewalls, so you shouldn’t be worried that your server will be hacked and your data stolen.

The points above shows what to consider when thinking of how to choose an operating system for VPS. Differences between these hosting solutions are apparent. It is worth mentioning that when you choose between Linux and Windows VPS servers, you must first consider your business needs and goals and pick whichever one suits your business needs.

For more information, see Windows vs Linux Web hosting

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