Why you Should Buy all of your Domain Name Extensions

Why you Should Buy all of your Domain Name Extensions

Your domain name is the first foundation of your website. Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is one of the most important decisions you’ll make concerning your website.. It’s also something that lasts with you for a long time after registering the domain name . How do you give it the proper time and attention? Should you buy all of your domain name extensions ?

So, you own a website www.example.com and you wonder if you should buy the other extensions like;
• www.example.net
• www.example.org
• www.example.info
• and the list goes on.
Well, here’s the analysis, when you purchase all the domain extensions, no one has the domain name that matches yours. This is important to protect your brand. It would be unsettling after putting all the hard work into your site, your products and your branding for your .com only to realize that someone else has bought the .org and is now a competitor with you.It could either be accidental or intentional but if there are domain names that should be part of your brand and you dont own them,nothing stops someone else from buying it.Once they buy it, there’s nothing you can do to buy it back except they sell it back to you at a very expensive rate.Some brands have had the downside of not purchasing all of their domain extensions and realizing that someone their domain with a different extension to write about them. This can impact your business negatively a great deal.

Your online reputation is a priority. Owning all of your domain extensions can be a powerful asset. This allows you create sites and rank them well in addition to your main site. The more control you have of your online brand the better off you are.

In addition, People can make spelling errors typing your domain name. You can simply buy the other extensions and redirect them to your main website.

You can also avert issues like clones sparking up with similar addresses like yours.

Basically, the answer to the question should you buy all of your domain name extensions lies with thinking of an easy and less expensive way of protecting your identity online.

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