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5 Important SME Trends For 2020

Business environment keeps changing rapidly. While some SMEs try to keep up, some are lost in the dynamics. In order to keep up and be relevant, SMEs have to try to evolve as technology and the business space evolves.  Below are ways businesses are changing in 2019, SOCIAL MEDIA – STORY TELLING AND USING ITS NEW ADDITIONS Unlike before, SMEs and even big businesses are now on social media. Realizing that both present and potential customers spend a large amount of time on social media will make SMEs realize the effect social media has on businesses. Being on social media has a lot of advantages for SMEs and top on the list is the low cost and amount of work needed to run a social media page. Hiring a social media expert allows for growth of the pages, create presence on social media platforms and potentially increase sales which gives

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Guide to website security

A Guide To Website Security

With 23,000 new malware samples per day and over 90,000 hacking attacks per minute, keeping your website safe is increasingly becoming very important. How would

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