Garanntor Affiliate Program

Promote Our Products & Earn
Huge Commission Through Referrals

1. Select Product to Promote

We have a range of products you can promote. Each of which has been priced strategically to assist you with conversions.

2. Promote Via Your Medium

Select all your mediums through blog, website or social media for promoting these products and maximize your click-through-rates.

3. Drive Traffic Via Your Link

You get a unique affiliate ID which you can use to track your performance as an affiliate.

4. Referral Makes a Purchase

You get a unique affiliate ID which you can use to track your performance as an affiliate.

5. You Get a Commission

You get paid for every product your visitor's purchase. Our payouts are regular and completely automated.

Program Details

Start Making Money and Become an Affiliate Today.

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FAQs About Our Affiliate Program

When and How Will I Get Paid?

We pay our generous commissions on the 3rd working day of the calendar month after a brief holding period of 60 days for a monthly plan or an annual plan. Payments are made via Bank Transfer or PayPal to the address provided at sign up. (PayPal not available where you live? email us at [email protected] and we may have an alternative for you.)

How Much Will I Make?

Well, are you ready for all your dreams to come true? The sky’s the limit – we have no cap on your commission potential! If your customer uses a promotional code or coupon, payouts are adjusted accordingly.

Who Can Participate?

While our hosting referral program typically attracts designers, developers, marketers and bloggers, we welcome all different kinds of affiliates into our program. As long as you promise to follow the rules, we will give consideration to a wide variety of affiliate applications. There are currently no minimum site visits required for our program.

What Does it Cost to Participate?

Zero! Nothing! Nada! We don’t charge any fees, and we even pay you a signup bonus and also welcome those who are not Garanntor customers to our program. (Though, we’d love to have you as a customer also)

Are There Any Minimum or Maximum for Payments ?

We will pay out all payouts; there is a minimums payout of N10,000 in effect, but there is no program maximum earning potential. As long as you keep bringing people on board, we’ll keep the cash flowing

What If I Prefer to Stay The Owner of My Clients Sites?

In order for a transfer to register as a commission, we need a handoff somewhere along the process. You cannot refer sites to your own plan and earn commissions.

Where Am I Allowed to Promote Garanntor?

You can promote Garanntor via your blog, website, social media channels, to your friends and co-workers or pretty much any other way you can think of. The only thing we ask is that you don’t promote Garanntor via paid search and that you follow our brand guidelines in all promotions.

I Think I’d Prefer to Resell Hosting

No problem! Check out our Reseller Program on our website. You can even participate in both if you’re interested! We try to keep things as flexible as possible for all business models.

I Have a Different Question.

We’re always here to help! Shoot us a note at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap.